Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker Fast Charging Device.

Color: Khaki
AED 370


Wireless charger adopts state-of-the-art technology to charge your device wireless, a real breakthrough in charging technology. With the wireless charger speaker, you can meet your favorite music, fast-paced cities need to slow down and enjoy your music slowly repower without worrying about any cables or USB interface compatibility.

Begin charging by simply "putting down" your device, and pick up a bit of power whenever you have a free moment.


  • Wireless charging Bluetooth speakers: stress and emotions are released with the music, let life return to the truth, enjoy freedom, balance.
  • Easy to Carry and Use: It's the best multi USB powerhouse charging station to be used at Home, Office, Café, School, and other indoor uses.
  • Carry the music world: Family music space, an unexpected encounter with favorite music, all moods find resonance in the music world.
  • Over-voltage protection, charging and discharging freely: high-voltage input in fast charging mode, when the voltage is unstable or high, wireless charging will automatically stop working, effectively protecting its own devices and charging devices.
  • Stereo dual speakers: stereo dual speakers for a live experience.
  • Dual-core chip:  safe charging, sensitive response, recognition support fast charging device, automatic access to wireless fast charging mode
  • Tweeter: Independent cavity restores the essence of music - high-end accessories, configuration, full-frequency internal magnetic

Wireless Charger Guide:

  • Plug the power adapter into the DC input, and then connect it to a power outlet. The green power indicator will turn on in approximately 0 - 3 seconds.
  • Place your device on the electromagnetic conversion emission area.
  • After about 0 - 3 seconds, the charger bee on and the green power indicator will start to flash.


  • Input parameters: 12 (V)
  • Output parameter: 5 (V)
  • Type: Wireless Charger and speaker
  • Charging current: 1000 (mA)
  • Indication function: with indication function
  • Interface: USB
  • Color: khaki, dark brown

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