Wireless charger

Color: Rubber oil shell black
AED 185


Product volume : 12.5 cm * 12.5 cm * 2.2 cm
Type: Wireless Charger
Charging current: 1500 (mA)
Indication function: With indication function
Interface: Micro USB
Color: rubber oil shell black, rubber oil shell white
Input voltage / current: 9V1.67A
Wireless output: 9V1.67A
Charging power: 10W
Wireless conversion efficiency: 70%
Transmission distance: maximum 10mm, recommended transmission and reception spacing 2mm~4mm
Standby power consumption: average power consumption is less than 50mW
Executive Standard: Qi Wireless Charging Standard
Product Certification: Compatible with Qi Certification Standards
Stand-alone weight: 45g
Product packaging size: 126*126*22mm
Whether to support foreign object detection: support
Indicator function: charging bright blue light, full, standby green light.

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