With the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus now surging in the Middle East, consumers across the region and around the world are worried. States are closing borders and quarantining travellers. China has shut down entire cities, and the World Health Organisation warns that the window of opportunity to prevent a worldwide epidemic is closing rapidly.

Many people are panicking. Others think only drastic action by governments and health authorities can help. But protection is better than panic, and everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to protect themselves and others.
Frequent hand washing, especially after touching surfaces and objects in public spaces that many others may have touched, is the single best precaution against Covid-19 and other viruses. But washing is not always convenient, and it’s too easy when out shopping or at work to forget and touch your mouth or nose before making sure your hands are safe.
Virus face masks are the best insurance against this all-too-common accident. What’s more, they not only prevent contaminated fingers from transmitting viruses when you put a hand to your mouth or nose, these anti-virus masks also protect against air-borne viruses.
Virus Safety Mask Pack
With Covid-19, this extra level of virus protection could be vital. Although it has not been proved that this coronavirus can spread through the air rather than needing close contact with infected people or contaminated surfaces, there are increasing indications that it can remain suspended in the air on dust particles and water droplets. If so, no amount of hand washing can protect us. Only a well-made virus face mask that covers the mouth and nostrils can prevent invisible infection as we breathe.
A good anti-virus mask like the Solsys Virus Safety Mask, used properly and consistently, provides a certified filter efficiency of 94%. Its moulded shell ensures a snug fit that protects both the mouth and nose while making the virus mask comfortable and suitable for long time wear. You won’t be tempted to pull this anti-virus mask off every few minutes.
The Arvello CDC3V Valved FFP2 moulded respirator face mask for adults, sold by Solsys, also protects against the fine hazardous dust particles and fumes that increasingly foul our air. Hypoallergenic and manufactured from non-woven synthetic fibre, these top-rated anti-virus masks feature a special exhalation valve to reduce hot air buildup and maximize comfort. Latex-free head straps keep the masks secure without binding or irritating the neck or face.
Supplied in a pack of 10 disposable masks, the Solsys Virus Safety Mask is FFP2 rated and conforms fully to EN149:2001 and A1:2009 standards.