Smart tv box can be used to watch TV and listen to songs. Of course, the types and sizes of smart tv boxes are different, and their uses are also their best.

The smart tv box is a small figuring out/calculating terminal device. As long as it is simply connected to the usual TV through technologies such as HDMI or color difference cable, you can put into use web (looking at web sites on), network video playback, application installation on the usual TV, and even connect you Photos and videos from mobile phones and tablets are projected on large-screen TVs at home.

It can play Internet content on its TV. It was (before that/before now) called the network high-definition player in the Internet field and was later defined as the Internet TV set-top box by the State Management of Radio, Film and Television. Together with smart TVs that can access the Internet, they are all together referred to as "Internet TV".

Smart tv box has a wide range of applications, and roles:

  • Internet access: Another great use of the Internet smart tv box is to use the Internet like a computer, but it can be more comfortable than using a computer. As for ordinary Internet functions such as online shopping, they are all easy to get to, use, or understand.
  • Network video talk/discussion: Many Internet smart TV boxes now support voice and video input functions. As the camera and microphone are connected to the set-top box, QQ, MSN and other talk/discussion tools can be used for network video talk/discussion.
  • Wireless router is used: Some Internet smart TV boxes available to buy now have the function of wireless routing, the way of thinking/basic truth/rule is the same as that of sharing hotspots on mobile phones.
  • Home Games: Most android smart tv boxes support gamepad connection. You can download apps and play racing games. All kinds of games are basically possible. Of course, some game systems are not compatible with android smart tv box. It is best to test before buying.
  • TV Programs: Many people like to watch IPTV programs. The Internet smart tv box supports the installation of IPTV.

The introduction above, I believe everyone has a complete and thorough understanding of smart tv box. Looking around, it is not very hard to find that the use of smart tv box is becoming more and more frequent, and the extent of/the range of use is also expanding. Smart tv box is developing quickly with its small and beautiful figure and the advantage of being portable. Don't be a person walking behind others. Act quickly. Not only who can access the Internet, but also watch videos online, and can also be used as a router.