MAG322 and MAG324 firmware update

We present the MAG322, and MAG324 firmware update. The new version is published, and it's available via an auto-update procedure.


Version 2.20.09 changelog



  • Added Opus audio codec support.
  • Fixed seeking forward time on some audio files.
  • Fixed synchronization of video and audio issues.
  • Fixed UDP streams audio issues.
  • Fixed audio mode switch in the system settings.
  • Fixed display of SRT subtitles.
  • Fixed video playback after switching video outputs from AV to HDMI.
  • Fixed incorrect playback of some audio tracks.



  • Fixed flashing screen issue when switching to full-screen mode while viewing images.
  • Fixed Stbapp crash when playing TV archive on multicast streams.
  • Deprecated PSD and TIFF image formats support.


Internal portal:

  • Implemented network interface check in the portal loader.
  • Accelerated loading of external portal via Wi-fi.
  • Fixed loading of the built-in portal when multi-portality mode is enabled.
  • Fixed layout of the error loading page.


  • Added support for NEC remote in the boot menu.
  • Added support for simultaneous operating of RC5 and NEC remotes.
  • Fixed crash of the Stbapp while opening the settings with the drop-down list in Ministra Classic.
  • Fixed graphics resolution setup issue.
  • Fixed gSTB.SetSyslogLevel from JS API.
  • Excluded scanning networks after disconnecting Wi-fi from the internal portal.